Six Champagne Cocktail Truffles


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A clear stick box containing our six Champagne cocktails.


A selection of six Champagne cocktail truffles in milk, dark and white chocolates. We use a Marc de Champagne truffle liqueur in the blend to give the centre a light and creamy quality.

  • CHAMBORD ROYALE – A raspberry Chambord Liqueur and Champagne truffle encased in white chocolate
  • CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE – A Marc de Champagne and white chocolate centre enrobd in white chocolate
  • MIMOSA – A Marc de Champagne, Triple Sec and orange truffle centre covered in milk chocolate
  • CHAMPAGNE & ROSE GIN – Rose gin and Champagne blended with white chocolate inside a milk chocolate shell
  • CHAMPAGNE PASSION – A passion fruit and Champagne truffle covered in dark chocolate
  • JADE – A ganache of Midori Melon and Champagne blended with white chocolate and smothered in dark chocolate



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