Kir Royale
9 May 2014

Hi Simon, Great chocolates, branding / packaging and overall presentation are also top notch. Congratulations on the business, I am sure it took a lot of effort to get it this far. Regards.

Di Lee
6 May 2014

Dear Hilary. I wish to express my thanks to you Hilary for the amazing selection of chocolates that you recently did for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending you. Thank you Kindest regards.

Tequila Sunrise
Terry Fry
26 April 2014

Dear Hilary, We enjoyed the chocolate Easter Egg and you could certainly tell the difference in taste to a mass produced product. The individual liqueur chocolates were also quite unique with some very interesting flavours. When I have the opportunity I will have no hesitation in recommending Choctails to my clients and friends. Kind regards.

M. Devonish
25 February 2014

Hilary from Choctails® supplied my company with some chocolates specifically shaped for a promotional event we held. The chocolates were a great succes and were made perfectly with great detail and tasted amazing. The job was done to the highest standard and completed to the date I was promised. I will be more than happy to use Hilary from Choctails® again and be more than happy to refer her!

Black Cherry
Tim Hawes – Managing Director Granite Computer Solutions
10 February 2014

Dear Hilary, I just wanted to say thank you for supplying my clients with your beautiful chocolates for xmas. As always they loved them and were delighted with them. Hopefully you'll now benefit from at least an annual order from us for the years to come! Keep up the great cooking! Thanks again, Kind regards

Strawberry Daiquiri
14 January 2014

Thanks Hilary Good Luck with your plans. Currently working our way through all the Christmas chocolate we had but will keep an eye on your page. My sister loved the chocolates that I ordered for her.

Sambuca Shot
14 November 2013

Hilary, The chocolate are fantastic! Thank you so much. We are over the moon. Kind regards.

19 August 2013

Hi, I promised I'd give you feedback once I'd eaten the chocolates. We saved them for my partner's birthday dinner, and I can now report as follows: First, I was struck over again by how brilliantly they're presented: classy but unfussy, beautiful but not showy, as if just quietly confident of themselves. At the end of a really special celebration meal where presentation was almost as important to me as taste, they (both packaging and actual chocolates) looked perfect. Second, having followed your instruction about not keeping them in the fridge, but with some nervousness during the recent very hot weather, I was dead impressed that they were still in perfect condition visually as well as to eat. Which, finally, we did. And we both agreed these are amongst the best chocolates we've ever tasted. And I can't stress enough that we're both really major chocoholics, and while Luke's a bit of a Cadbury's fan as well as appreciating good stuff, I'm not, so I'd rather save up and buy the best occasionally than spend a little and often on crap. So I'm comparing with the best. In fact I'd say these are the best alcoholic centres I've had. The liquor is really there, in clear and defined flavours even in the more complex mixes; but somehow it manages not to overpower the actual chocolate, so that those flavours come through too. I've had excellent alcoholic centres before where one or the other was true - the good clear alcohol flavours even when mixed, or the flavours of really good chocolate still coming through - but never quite both in such perfect balance. Very, very impressed. My specialist areas include both consumer and commercial contract, I'm happy to work for chocolates. Provided it's those chocolates.