Empty Nests and Foraging Feasts

We’ve spent the week continuing to get Christmas stock ready. We’re planning stock levels for shows, web orders and retail orders. A lot of this is finger-in-the-air speculation, based on previous years volumes, plus a bit more! It means that days off are extremely limited and our working days get longer and longer.

We did manage to take weekend off, however. Yesterday was a red letter day in our calendar, as we took my step-daughter to Nottingham University. So the nest is officially empty, although I suspect we won’t get much opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet just yet, as it’s our busiest time of year!

Today we’ve been on a mushroom foraging course. This is something we’ve wanted to do for many years but always been busy on the weekends the course has been run, until today. It was a fascinating day. We’re still a tad confused as to what’s edible and what isn’t, but we know how to spot Chicken of the Woods and Hen of the Woods and where to go looking for them. We got clarification on a few species we have growing on our driveway and in our garden, so we can throw a few of these varieties in with the next casserole! Once the foraging was done, we were cooked up a feast of mushroom dishes, which made a splendid lunch. All in all, a fantastic experience and one we’d highly recommend. Have a look at their website: http://foodforagingcourses.co.uk/listing-category/suffolk-food-foraging-courses/ It’s amazing what you can find growing in your own hedgerows that you can make use of!

Hilary Delamare

Choctails® was founded by husband and wife team Simon and Hilary Delamare. Simon's suggestion of putting cocktail flavours into chocolate took Hilary's chocolate-making hobby to new heights, until in May 2012, the decision was made to turn the hobby into a full time business. The domestic kitchen became a production factory by day, and the dining room was given up to become a place where hand-made chocolate is crafted

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