Mad As A March Hare

This week we launched our March special edition. We’ve developed some new flavours as well as bringing back a couple from last year which proved popular.

There are six flavours in the collection which are available as either a six-chocolate stick box, or a twelve chocolate box with two of each flavour. We’ve been using Holy Lama Spice Drops to help to enhance some of the flavour blends. The Hot Cross Bun really came alive with the addition of the Cinnamon Drops.

The six varieties are:

  • Uthyr Pendragon – A celebration of St David’s Day. The red dragon is the symbol and flag of Wales and this powerful red cocktail also celebrates Uther, Chief dragon of the Celts. We have blended Vodka, Cointreau, Blood Orange, Raspberry and Orange Essence with white chocolate then covered it in dark chocolate to give a bitter-sweet balance. The Choctail is decorated with a daffodil sugar flower.
  • Rose Petal & Lychee Martini – The white chocolate ganache is made by blending Rose Gin and Lychee Liqueur and a couple of drops of Rose Essence, then covered in milk chocolate and topped with a crystallised rose petal.
  • Strawberry & Basil Margarita – A dark chocolate with a centre of white chocolate blended with Strawberry & Basil liqueurs, Strawberry Puree and Basil Essence. The Choctail has been decorated with drizzles of pink and green chocolate.
  • Emerald Isle – A celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Based on the Emerald Isle cocktail, we have blended Gin, Creme de Menthe and Mint Essence with white chocolate to create a green-coloured ganache, then covered it in bitter dark chocolate and topped with a sugar shamrock.
  • Elderflower Gin Fizz – A dark chocolate with a centre of white chocolate blended with Elderflower Gin, Lemon and Lemon Essence. The Choctail has been decorated with crystallised lemon peel.
  • Hot Cross Bun – We marinaded a hot cross bun in rum for a week and then strained the juice to make the base of the dark chocolate ganache. The addition of Jack Daniels Spiced and Cinnamon Essence enhances the spice flavours. The Choctail is coated in milk chocolate and decorated with a white chocolate cross.


Hilary Delamare

Choctails® was founded by husband and wife team Simon and Hilary Delamare. Simon's suggestion of putting cocktail flavours into chocolate took Hilary's chocolate-making hobby to new heights, until in May 2012, the decision was made to turn the hobby into a full time business. The domestic kitchen became a production factory by day, and the dining room was given up to become a place where hand-made chocolate is crafted

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