Back to Belgium

Although I’m a chocolatier, whenever anyone mentions Belgium to me, my first thought isn’t chocolate. It’s Spa Francorchamps and the race circuit.

Having been to the F1 race a couple of years ago and discovered the party was back in town, we decided to go again this year. We’d booked everything before purchasing the motor home, so we were in a small camp site in a pod (and we missed our motor home big time!)

It was a weekend of mixed emotions. The campsite was excellent. Very well organised, with good food – plentiful and a good selection – and a reasonable walking distance to the circuit. The weather was pretty good, with a lot more sunshine than Spa usually treats us to. But the party was no more. The Francorchamps Racing Hotel is now boarded up and derelict. It was never a great place to stay by all accounts, but there was always a good party to be had, and plenty of banter with race fans of all nationalities. It was also the place where Mr D and I had our first kiss, so has a special place in our hearts, despite the aggressive bar staff and none too salubrious toilet facilities. The steak restaurant in Francorchamps was closed – we weren’t sure if it was temporary or permanent – so the only place to eat was the Pizzeria, which was overcrowded and service was extremely poor this year, compared to previous visits.

No doubt we’ll be back in a few years time, but this time with our own accommodation and catering, and make our own party.

Hilary Delamare

Choctails® was founded by husband and wife team Simon and Hilary Delamare. Simon's suggestion of putting cocktail flavours into chocolate took Hilary's chocolate-making hobby to new heights, until in May 2012, the decision was made to turn the hobby into a full time business. The domestic kitchen became a production factory by day, and the dining room was given up to become a place where hand-made chocolate is crafted

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