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Choctails and Dreams

The Journey of the Cocktail Obsessed Chocolatier

Have you ever thought about turning your kitchen table hobby into a full time business? Would you know where to start, or what’s involved? How do you handle the big orders when they start coming in?

Shirley Temple

In May 2012 I decided to turn an occasional chocolate-making hobby into a full-time career. This book maps the journey of how and why I decided to take that step, through to supplying Choctails into Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and John Lewis, all from my kitchen table.

Written in the style of an anecdotal memoir, this book includes key hints and tips, and pitfalls to look out for along the way, for anyone thinking about setting up a food-based business from home.

So if it’s time you turned your talent for making banana bread, cakes or kombucha into a bona fide business, give this book a read.

What a great tale. What’s not to like in an engagingly written success story including cocktails and chocolate. Relatable and passionate, Delamare opens by taking the reader on a sensual nostalgia trip which will resonate with sweet treat lovers everywhere. She explores the world of chocolate and how we came to revere and indulge in it across the globe. Then shares her own trials and tribulations in taking her chocolates from her kitchen table family gifts to the shelves of Harvey Nic’s and John Lewis, all punctuated with classic cocktail recipes. Top practical tips springing from frankly-shared hard-earned lessons make this an inspirational book for anyone considering their own business and, for the rest of us, one woman’s journey told through experiences with chocolate, cocktails and commerce makes for an uplifting read.

Hilary Delamare